How to Build an Online Business

How can anyone generate income online? Is online business the same as a traditional business? How can online business owners or a home business owner, know what to do for their online marketing or business? These are the questions that many new home business or online business owner asks or get overwhelmed.I would like to expand a little on just one method to increase your online business or home business exposure. One of the methods that are getting popular is called squidoo. It is a website where you can submit your article. The beauty is that you can add pictures and make your article look very inviting. Another beautiful thing about squidoo marketing is that you can have anchor links in the body.How does squidoo work? The way squidoo works is very simple. You add content to their website and squidoo shares a portion of their profit with you. You can write an article that contains about four-hundred or five-hundred words. Break your article into different paragraphs. Group information that contains similar information together in each paragraph as your reader can transition smoothly between the paragraphs. Add anchor links in your content to drive traffice to your website with keywords that your audience might be looking for online.One thing I like about squidoo is that it gives you an option to add products from Amazon or e-bay if the products are related to your service or online business. They do share part of the revenue generated with you as a thank you for giving content. There are certain topics that are banned from squidoo for obvious reasons, and do not try to spam squidoo or any other article directory as you will be banned. Spamming is not a good business practice.